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Acquiring a new language is especially advantageous at a young age, as the pronunciation, intonation and structure comes much more quickly and easily.  Further, children who learn a second language from an early age consistently show superior mathematical conceptualization, problem solving skills, verbal acumen, and creativity.

Ana’s Kids Learning Center strongly believes in the power of bilingual language development. We have a Spanish Immersion Program where children of different ages and levels develop language skills.  Together, the children and the teachers work to acquire a second language at an early age. The kids interact with native-speaking teachers.

Our original Spanish Immersion program is based on a curriculum which offers a developmentally appropriate approach creating context through monthly themes. Every month students and their parents or caregivers will learn new words and numbers based on these monthly themes.

Kids have fun learning Spanish, they get introduced to basic vocabulary through games, crafts, dance and movement, singing and more.

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11:00am. - 4:00pm.